Phone: (509)233-3010

Address: 3800 Westbay Road

               Loon Lake  WA  99148


•Spacious, inviting sites

•Full service hook ups

•Clean washrooms

•Shower facilities

•Convenient moorage

•Boat launch

•Laundry facilities

•Swimming and fishing

•Community gathering room

RV Resort

West Bay RV Resort is located on over 8 acres of lakefront property, close to shopping yet secluded enough to feel like a real getaway. Although only 40 minutes from Spokane, Washington it feels like it is a world away.

The residents lease their sites on a yearly basis. Most residents have charming gardens and small, private yards. The Community Room, cabins, laundry and washrooms are available to residents and overflow visitors. The beach, swimming area, grassy recreation area and marina add to the natural beauty of the setting.

The rates start from $400 per month on a yearly contract. For more information please call (509) 233-3010 or e-mail:

The Landlord will not accept a Comprehensive Reusable Tenant Screening Report.  The Landlord uses Victig as a consumer reporting agency whose address is 14442 S. Center Point Way, Bluffdale UT  84065. Prospective tenants have the right to obtain a free copy of the consumer report in the event of denial or other adverse action, and to dispute the accuracy of information appearing in the consumer report.